Color Using in Web Development

One of the biggest elements in the act of seeing is the colors we see. We encode many objects we see with the colors of those objects in our head. For this reason, many brands and organizations try to identify with certain colors. Apple does it with a gray color, McDonald’s with yellow and red, and Nvidia with green and black.

Therefore, before designing a site, the purpose of the site should be determined. Then, the age, gender, socioeconomic status and lifestyles of the target audience should be analyzed. Then, the main design line and color palettes should be determined in accordance with these determinations. If the user base is close to the general, the purpose of the site should be acted upon

For example, if a site is designed to sell player equipment to the gamer who plays video games, bold and vibrant colors should be chosen according to the concept and audience. If a retirement inquiry site is designed for middle age and older people, it would be better to choose softer and plain colors.

Another important consideration is the color palette selection. If care is taken to match the colors of the clothes we wear in daily life, the same care should be taken when designing the website. Using incompatible colors should be avoided. The colors of the images we use with logo colors and text colors should be considered as a whole and all these colors should be compatible with each other as much as possible.

After we have decided on some colors suitable for the theme and audience of our site, we can create colors suitable for the theme and audience of our site through sites that can create a color palette. The most used of these sites is Adobe Color site. Adobe Color, which has been setting industry standards for years with its programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, not only creates a color palette, but also tells us which color palettes are used in the uploaded files.

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