How Did K-Pop Come About?

The story of K-pop begins with the group of three young men named Seo Taiji & Boys shaking the korean music market in 1992. In the period between the Korean War and the mid-1990s, South Korea which already had a conservative culture, was dominated by an authoritarian rule, through not as much as its nothern brothers and naturally reflected in this art World. This is where Seo Taiji & Boys, who studied the winds of political and cultural change that started blowing in the 90’s enters the scene.

The group, which charms listeners with its great dancing, individualistic songs that focus on the daily lives of young people is a symbol of the cultural break in the country. Realizing that they don’t like these “cool kids” at first, the South Korean government, which soon realized that new music style is a marketable cultural product in the global market, also decides to maket his product the flagship of the project to change the image of the country. With government support behind it, the K-pop phenomenon is becoming unpredictable.

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