How Does K-Pop Affect Children in Turkey?

As the age audience listening to K-pop in Turkey is low, we should warn our children about this problem in a nice language without restrictions. Because our children like to exaggerate things. Don’t care for them, dress like them, they try to act like them. They really fall in love with and envy those they see as role models and they are jealous of them. She thinks she will marry her one day. At a very young age, they wear decollete dresses and start dancing. That’s not admiration, that’s wannabe. We must remind our children that such things are fad and temporary.

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Hi guys. My name is Safiye but you can say Sofia :) I'm 23 years old. I am graduated from Sakarya University. My department is Management Information Systems. I'm interested in Kpop dance. I'm shooting dance covers on video. Uploading to Instagram and my YouTube channel. I decided write blogs on here. I hope u will like it.

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