Menu Using in Web Development

Menus are also frequently used as navigation in website literature. This is because we go where we want to go on the website through them. Just as a bad map navigation application prevents us from reaching where we want to go in the real world and causes us to disappear, having bad navigation menus on a website causes us to not find what we are looking for and disappear on that site.

People love to navigate and explore within the website, but if this browsing experience is not embellished with a beautifully fluid and simple menu, navigating the website becomes a tedious and overwhelming experience for users.
A good menu has 3 to 6 menu options. More options than this often distract users. Categorizing the content on your site and placing them with drop-down menus will help the user find the content on the site easier and faster.

Long names in menu options undermine the design of both the site and the navigation menu.

After making the menu design, taking a demo of this design to people who have no knowledge of the site and measuring which options are clicked or not is one of the good methods that can be applied if a non-corporate site is designed. In this way, unnecessary menu options that users cannot click are deleted and the design is simplified.

Having at least one interaction button in the navigation menu allows the user to interact with one click through the menu. Actions such as making an appointment are best suited for these interactions. Social media buttons must also be included in the menu as an icon. Users should be able to access these accounts when clicking this icon.

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