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My 5 Favorite War Movies

Hello, in this article, I will try to tell you my favorite 5 world war movies. Movies set during World War II will not be on this list.

5) Enemy At The Gates

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Admittedly, Enemy at the Door is not a quality movie that deserves to be on this list. But this is a personal list, and I am a huge WWII fan. Seeing Vasily Zaitsev in a movie and watching him hunt Nazi with Mosin-Nagant. was a wonderful experience
With a few exceptions, when you put Ed Harris in a movie, that movie is already above a certain bar. Jude Law has done really well. Although the movie proceeds along a line that is far from reality, it managed to make many Ww2 fans like me happy.

4) Dunkirk

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I was thrilled when I heard that the movie was going to be shot by Cristopher Nolan. When I heard that there would be Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in the movie, I got on a hype train.

The story of the movie and the way he told it did not give me the satisfaction I expected. As for acting, Nolan made such a movie that acting didn’t really stand out. He could definitely do a better job than this beautiful cast he’s got

Let’s get to the part of the movie that I love. This movie is visually a WW2 feast. The airplane scenes made me feel like the Battlefield main story. I enjoyed watching the movie because it put me in this atmosphere. I wish we could watch this wonderful atmosphere with a better script.

3) Paths of Glory

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Stanley Kubrick is a director who made few films in every subject, but the films he made were the best films in those subjects. Our director, who likes to ask questions to his audience after the movie is over, questions the power of the military authorities at the end of this movie.

Movie also provides a lot of historical information to the film audience about the French-German wars. The film is based on Colonel Dax’s struggle to save his soldiers, who were wrongfully sentenced to death by the military court.

In his film, Kubrick criticizes the militarist order in a single way. Kirk Douglas, who was sent off to heaven last year, gave one of the performances of his life in this movie. This movie is a classic that I think any history reader who knows the conditions of that period would love this movie.

2)DownFall (Der Untergang)

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It is impossible for this legend to be absent when making a list of war movies. Unfortunately, the Hitler performances we watch in movies, documentaries and TV series are often disgrace. I think the reason for this is that Hits’s imitation is a difficult mental patient. Bruno Ganz gave a really great Hitler performance.

The film was a great success after Versailles and depicts the last time of the Führer, who was disconnected from reality because of the pills he was given as the war progressed. The acting and the script are really good. Many iconic scenes in the film are said to be improvised by Bruno Ganz.

Often, whether they use exaggerated scenes about the Nazis in many films or not, they portray them as doing many things. When historians object to this nonsense, they are labeled fascist and racist. As a history lover, I also like this movie because it is not political correct.

  1. 1917
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I think this movie deserved the Oscar. Sam Mendes has done a tremendous job. While waiting for the movie, “This movie looks like a single shot. How did they do this? The fact that we received many positive criticisms, as the audience, increased our expectations a lot.

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The camera where the movie was shot is ALEXA Mini LF. It’s amazing how such a small camera can shoot a movie like this.

A movie I watched after many years met and exceeded my expectations. Truly the technical part of this movie is enormous. Apart from the movie seems to be a single shot, the atmosphere, sound and effects of the movie are among the best works I have seen in recent years. The video in the link below explains the background of this enormous work very well.

How ‘1917’ Was Filmed To Look Like One Shot | Movies Insider

Often epic stories are told in war movies. The characters are heroic. That’s why we watch movies that are far from the real and the nature of war.
The film, which is quite plain, tells about the journey of 2 British soldiers to tell the other company the trap that will come from the Germans. Actually, there is no one who is a hero. It’s there because everyone has to be there. The movie that describes the true face of this war very well. The starring roles in the film, apart from Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott, were George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman.

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