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Today we use search engines to find information, content and files on the internet. Search engines are software or websites that quickly list the most relevant results for the words the user is searching for. It is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when you say Google search engine, which is by far the leader in the industry with 93% usage rate.

Search engine artificial intelligence called spider scans all websites on the internet. It then gathers what they need to be indexed in the search engine’s database. Then, it is tried to find the links of other websites within those websites and put them into a data pool and try to score their relationships with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Highly rated sites and contents are placed at the top of searches related to the relevant topic.

Today, many users enter the internet through search engines. They write what they are looking for in search engines and mostly use the top sites in searches. Being ahead of search results on the Internet means people notice your site. To achieve this, adjustments called search engine optimization must be made.

Search Engine Optimization Steps

For search engine optimization, the keywords to be associated with the site should be selected. These keywords can be selected through many platforms that offer statistical data on this subject, such as Google Keyword Planner. These platforms contain many valuable information such as how often people search for which word and how often they search in which locations. Being higher in searches by advertising on Google is also among the options. If this option is chosen, statistical data on Keyword Platforms increase the rate of reaching the target user audience.

Site content site titles sitelinks should be arranged with selected keywords. Links that are not well formatted are often not well received by Google algorithms. Connections should be simple. Images should also be indexed in accordance with the key text.
If search engine optimization is being done for a company, a Google My Business account must be taken. When the name of your business is searched on Google, it allows your company’s location, contact and website information to be displayed directly on the searches screen.

Today, most of the content on the internet is produced and shared on social media channels. The preview view of your site is very important when sharing on social media platforms. Previews guide users who use social media to decide whether or not to enter your site.

Google Search Console is a free tool that informs websites about Google search performance. It presents the errors and solution suggestions on the site to the users. It is a unique tool for performance evaluation for all search engine optimization processes.

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