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The most common developer mistakes in web projects

1) Exaggerated Pop-Up Use

Most of the websites are for commercial gain. The biggest source of commercial income on the internet is advertisements. In order to earn more advertising revenue, various methods started to be developed. One of these techniques was pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are the name given to the advertisements that are opened in a way that the user does not want when the user enters the website, which exhausts the processing power of the user’s computer. Browsers today can block some of these.

Pop Up pages, which are one of the things that annoy users the most on websites today, are the reason why users leave many websites. If there is a need for ad revenue from pop-up pages, pop-up when the user leaves the site is not to annoy most users as much as the pop-up ads that appear after the site is loaded, as the user ends the experience of the site.

2) Links Full of Errors

It should be checked regularly twice a year whether every link added to the site is working. If the link is not working, it should be updated if it is possible to update this link, if it is not possible to update, it should be removed from the site. When users click on a link that does not work on the site, if they cannot access the information file and content they want, they will blame the site that provides that link, not the site on that link.

3) Using Incorrect Link Colors

In internet world, connection colors are specific and accepted by almost every user. Links that have not been clicked before are shown in purple, on the other hand, links that have been clicked in blue are displayed in purple. In sites created by ignoring this, the user has difficulty noticing which link has previously clicked or not.

4) Exaggerated Ads

Ads used to be simple box or rectangular boards on websites that you could interact with just by clicking. As technology developed, static billboards were replaced by interactive advertising banners to attract the attention of the user. This made it difficult for users to focus on content and caused them to use ad-blocking software.

If advertisements are to be advertised on the site, care should be taken to be simple and not to override the content on the site. Otherwise, users will block ads on the site or spend less time on the site.

5) High Load Times

According to a study, a delay of 1 second in loading the site reduces the number of page views by 11% and user satisfaction by 16%. While 47% of users expect the site to load in less than 2 seconds, 40% leave the site on loading sites for more than 3 seconds.

One of the things to be done in order to reduce the loading time is to reduce the file sizes used on the site to their minimal size. Especially pictures and videos often cause users with low internet speed to wait to enter the site. Postponing the loading of JavaScript running in the user’s browser and allowing it to load after the page is loaded will provide a serious advantage in speed.

CDN Content Delivery Network allows you to cache your site on the global server network. Generally, the first access request from a zone server takes longer. When the user clicks on the link of the site, the access speed will increase thanks to the cache in the CDN network. In addition, lag times due to the distance between servers can be compensated. CDN provides an increase in loading speed between 20% and 51%.

6 )Developing Without Version Backups

Humans are creatures that make mistakes. Web developers often break and fix some functions on the site, especially when working on something new. Some errors, unfortunately, have irreversible results. If the work has been backed up regularly, it can be reverted to the old version.

Separating the site with version number and small notes on the development platform used after each change it makes helps the developer to understand the difference between versions in the future. Trying not to take backup is a waste of time and money, as well as a huge stress burden on the developer. It would be more profitable for many developers to regularly take 5 to 10 minutes and save regular backups, rather than working for fear of losing all their effort on the site in the slightest mistake.

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