Use of Text in Web Development

The main task of the text in visual communication is to convey information to the recipient. The font of the text should not be complicated and it should be simple enough that a user visiting the site can easily understand. Using hard-to-read fonts causes the site to not be able to transmit the information it wants to convey to the user it wants to reach, thus unable to reach people.

While setting the font, the places where the user’s attention is to be drawn should be bold. Although the articles that the user can interact with within the site (links, phone numbers, etc.) have the same lines as other articles, underlined or italic in order to distinguish the text that the user can interact with from other articles on the site, it makes it easy for the user to distinguish the articles that can interact with normal texts.

Font size can be calculated in different units such as pixels and points. The term font, which we mostly encounter in office applications, means the point, which is the smallest unit of measurement in typography, which is the science of writing. It has become the universal unit of measurement for setting font sizes.

12 point font size is ideal for page bodies. If the font is too long, this can be reduced to 10 points. However, reducing the font size to less than 10 points may adversely affect the reading experience of users who wear glasses with vision problems. For the titles on the site, a font size suitable for the page size and the amount of text should be set.

Setting the line spacing well is also very important in the user’s reading experience. It is ideal to set the line spacing directly proportional to the font size. Leaving little space tires the user, especially with long texts. Leaving too much space makes it difficult for the user to focus on the text.

The site should have a main text style. If possible, a single font family should be used. Using more than one font family is troublesome on the user’s eyes. The font family used in the article should be compatible with the font family in the graphics and images on the site.

The color of the texts to be used on the site should be in accordance with the general design lines of the site. For example, while there is a blue air in the background of the site, making the texts green will cause an unsightly design and reduce the readability of the articles. However, if we choose white, which is a color compatible with blue, as our font color, it is more pleasing to the eye and users who visit the site can easily read white text.

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