What is the status of K-Pop in Turkey?

In Turkey, besides foreign pop songs, kpop songs were also played very often. We’re listening to kpop almost everywhere we go. Cafes, shopping malls, gyms…

Especially the young audience (13-20 age range) is listening a lot of kpop. These youngs shoot individual or group kpop dance videos in their homes or on the streets. I’m one of them. I don’t have a suitable environment at home, but every time I’m out on the streets, I go out and shoot a dance cover video with my cameraman. I was so embarrassed at first, it’s hard for her to dance when everyone’s looking at you. But over time I overcame this fear.

I always wanted to dance, but I couldn’t get started. When I watched the kpop video one day, they were so lively and energetic that every time you listen to the song, you start dancing. Here kpop finally got me to start dancing.

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Hi guys. My name is Safiye but you can say Sofia :) I'm 23 years old. I am graduated from Sakarya University. My department is Management Information Systems. I'm interested in Kpop dance. I'm shooting dance covers on video. Uploading to Instagram and my YouTube channel. I decided write blogs on here. I hope u will like it.

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