Why K-Pop Has Become So Popular?

It was actually the first K-Pop we were familiar with in Psy – Gangnam Style but it didn’t come up that much at the time. Until artists like Exo, Bts, Blackpink came up. T-shirts, bags, pencils, mugs, notebooks with their names and pictures, you can see everything right now. So why don’t our own Turkish artists print T-shirts like this, but K-pop artists print them, what are the differences?

Firstly, almost all of the K-pop songs appeal to young people. The problems that young people are having at that age, the problems, the responsibilities that we don’t really want to do but have to do…

It may sound normal to anyone watching your clips, but there are actually hidden messages and messages behind each clip. And the clips that go on one after another are like stories. The extra advantage is that they dance in harmony with each other. Turkish artists clips and lyrics generally sexually explicit.

One day everyone will listen to K-Pop!

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